The Journal of Black Mountain College Studies

is a peer-reviewed open-access digital publication of the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC). The Journal seeks to host diverse works by writers and artists of varied backgrounds. We welcome academic articles, essays, reviews, poetry, images and forms of artistic expression.

We are delighted to announce that the latest volume of the Journal of Black Mountain College Studies is now online! Volume 11: The Practice and Pedagogy of Writing at Black Mountain College brings together a variety of essays interpreting the pedagogy of writing and showing how writing was central among the practices of the arts at the college. These essays are accompanied by readings, performances, and exhibitions of contemporary artists/writers working in the avant-garde spirit of the college today. 

The journal has open submissions and we invite you to send us an abstract of an idea, a draft, or a completed item for our consideration. We will respond to your abstract quickly so that you can move on to submitting the full work.

We are especially interested in receiving work about aspects of Black Mountain College that have not been given much attention or that deserve another look. This might include little-noted fields of teaching and the professors that worked in them; or the lives and careers of particular graduates; or new takes on how the avant-garde nature of BMC is being expressed in contemporary work. 

Submissions may include articles, poems, memoirs, images, videos, or other material that can be used in an online format. The Journal is an open access online journal only. Authors retain all rights to their individual work.

We look forward to hearing from you! Email us at [email protected].

Thomas Frank
Carissa Pfeiffer

Latest Volumes:

Volume 10: Chance | Dance

Volume 10: Chance | Dance

  Dancing. Always there was dancing at Black Mountain College, from the porch of the Blue Ridge Assembly to the dining room at Lake Eden. I was reminded of this by a postcard that recently arrived in my post office box. Polka dots were added to a photograph by Kenelm...

Volume 9: Archives and Histories

Volume 9: Archives and Histories

Welcome to the RE/START of the Journal of Black Mountain College Studies! We are very pleased to present this first volume in several years, re/suming our collective efforts to explore the college and its living heritage through scholarship, poetry, interview, memoir,...